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What do I need to make an animation?

As long as you have a smart phone, tablet or camera, you can create an animation.


There are a lot of apps available to help you make animations on your smart phone or tablet. Here is a useful article about some of the top apps currently available:

10 Best Animation apps to use in the classroom and at home

Please be aware, although the apps are free to download, the majority tend to have add ons that you have the option of paying for, so keep an eye out for that. Also, some of them will put a watermark onto your film unless you pay for the premium features.

To avoid using the apps, you could use the camera on your smart phone to take all the photographs/frames of your animation, and then upload them to the editing software on your computer such as iMovies on a mac, or video editor on windows.


You can use anything to create your animation. The animations we shared previously used cutlery and lego as their characters. You can draw characters or make characters out of any everyday object, modelling clay or toys.


If you have card or paper, you can draw or make backgrounds out of anything that you have. If you do not have card or paper, just use what you have available to you. Be creative with what you have.

Internet access

Once you have made your film, you will need to upload it to youtube or vimeo and send us the link so we can see it. If you do not have a youtube or vimeo account, do not worry, you can enter your film however you want, as long as we receive it online.

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