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2016 Award Winners

Best British Film

Winner: Naughty Princess

Runner Up: Rum

Best International Film

Winner: Au Revoir Balthazar

Runner Up: Light Sight

Best Student Film

Winner: Charlie et Ses Grandes Dents

Runner Up: Light Sight

Best Animation

Winner: Light Sight

Runner Up: Bloom

Best Art Design

Winner: Nino and Felix

Runner Up: Les Courgettes de la Resistance

Best Sound

Winner: Light Sight

Runner Up: Au Revoir Balthazar

Audience Choice

Winner: Little Thing



Shortlisted films:

Naughty Princess by Klaudia Smigielska, Zeno Pelgrims and Vasil Shotarov.

Moving Out by John Han & SeoHee Choi

Unmasked by Christina Faraj & Alice Gavish

Charlie et ses Grandes Dents by Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas, Chao-Hao Yang

Light Sight by Seyed M. Tabatabaei

Little Thing by Or Kan Do

Kong Fu by Samuel Smith

Les Courgettes De La Resistance by Melissa Idri

Ava by Jeremiah Hosana

The Cook Off by Hanna Cho

Nino and Felix by Lorenzo Latrofa

Hydro and Fluid by Nicholas Paim

Dado by Donna M. Partha

Trial and Error by Antje Heyn

Swarm by Sarah Sun

Phantom City by Patrick Jenkins

Awesome Beetle's Colors by Indra Sproge

Bloom by Sun Yiran & Xu Jiyao

Rum by Russell Haigh

Au Revoir Balthazar by Rafael Sommerhalder

Eclipse by Jerrold Chong

Killer Recipe by Chadwick Whitehead

All shortlisted films were screened during the Anifest Awards Evening on Friday 30th September, 2016. 

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